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What area of medicine do you specialize in?

Emergency Medicine.

Why did you choose it as your specialty?

I liked working in a hospital-based specialty that required rapid identification of emergencies followed by effective treatment.  

What’s exciting to you about your field right now? Any changes you’ve seen recently?

The Emergency Department is rapidly embracing technology such as telemedicine and other diagnostic modalities to provide high-quality and efficient care. In addition, along with EMS, the Emergency Department is at the front lines of fighting the global pandemic.

Are there any myths or misconceptions in your field?

While many of scenarios on the popular ER television shows may be based on realistic cases, working in an ED is much different than what you see on TV.  

How has COVID affected your practice and/or field of medicine?

Emergency Departments have had to adjust to higher volumes of sicker patients and deciding when patients can be managed at home vs. being hospitalized. Emergency Departments have also become places where testing occurs and where treatments such as antibodies against COVID are administered. This takes the ED beyond just dealing with Emergencies and makes them vital to COVID care and community health across a broader continuum.

You’re a member of the COVID board of NYC. What do you do in that capacity?

I serve as the Chairperson the Medical Advisory Board. I have the opportunity to share medical insights with leadership to allow for safe, high-quality and evidence-based cutting-edge care.

How has COVID affected you personally?

I have had less opportunity to spend quality time with my family both due to the time requirements of work and due to the need for safe social distancing.

Thinking back over the past year, is there a single COVID-related moment that stands out to you in particular?

I was very impressed when I had the opportunity to work with the Army, Navy and state and city agencies at the Javits Center during the first wave of COVID.  

If you could give one piece of advice to people about staying healthy as we move forward through this pandemic, what would it be?

Follow all social distancing and masking advice, get tested as needed, get vaccinated. Make sure that you are in good health in general in order to best combat any illness. This includes living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising and playing close attention to your mental wellness as well. Recognize when you need to take a break or get help. 

Do you think telehealth will continue to play a bigger role in medicine?

Yes, while the best uses are still to be determined, we have already seen incredible benefits regarding access to care, efficiency and patient and provider experience.  

What do you do outside of work, and how has COVID affected it? What are you most looking forward to doing once the majority of us are vaccinated?

I like to go to the gym. During COVID the gyms were closed so I acquired some equipment for home workouts. I never thought before that I would own my own kettlebells and plyobox but I do! While I will continue to work out at home, I would like to be able to have the option to go back the gym. In addition, I really enjoy traveling with my family and I am hoping that we will be able to do some safe and fun international traveling soon!

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