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Clothing Odor Protection Spray


SWIFF is the first alternative to deodorant that goes on clothes, not skin. It's long-lasting formulation means you and your clothes stay odor-free for at least 5 washes, and often more than 50. A single bottle can coat the armpits of 15+ shirts. This means months to years of odor protection from a single bottle! Not only will you save hundreds each year by ditching your deodorant, you can also stop rubbing nasty chemicals all over your pits.


SWIFF can also be used on bathmats, towels, sofas, upholstery, grout, plushies, shoes, socks, jackets, yoga mats, and nearly any other item.


Other benefits of SWIFF:

+ Pet-Safe & Kid-Safe - Hypoallergenic

+ Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Cruelty-Free

+ TSA-compliant and safe for planes

+ Odorless & Colorless

+ Backed by peer-reviewed science

+ Incredibly Long Lasting (at least 5+ washes, with odor protection often lasting 50+ machine washes)

+ Free from Synthetic Chemicals, PFAS, Parabens, and Propellants

+ Free from Aluminum, Zinc, Nanoparticles, and Microparticles


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Clothing Odor Protection Spray

  • Clothing Odor Protection Spray

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