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By Elizabeth Nicholas


Elizabeth Nicholas is a New York City-based writer and editor. In addition to writing, Elizabeth logs some serious travel miles every year, from her favorite domestic destinations — including Nantucket, Santa Fe and Los Angeles — to her former home in Paris, France, and a series of bucket list international destinations such as Istanbul, Beirut and the Greek islands. Here, Elizabeth shares some of the products that have made it into her travel bag this summer, from a euphoric oil to a candle that smells like a library.

Gabriel + Simone Blue Light Glasses: As an avid reader, I am dedicated to hard copies of books. There’s something about having everything I’ve read piled up in my apartment around me that makes it feel like a home. The one exception I make is when I travel on long international trips: the number of books I’d read on the plane and during my downtime makes traveling with physical copies simply impossible. In these cases, I read books on my iPad — often at night, after my travel companions have gone to sleep. I love Gabriel + Simone’s Blue Light Glasses for these nocturnal reading jags, as they allow me to get my pages in without letting harmful blue light disrupt the quality of my sleep. Treat Gabriel + Simone Blue Light Glasses
Treat P.volve Trainer P.volve Trainer: As a longtime fan of low-impact workouts like yoga and Pilates, I was excited to shake up my routine with P.volve, which is another low-impact option that incorporates elements of Pilates, ballet and strength training to tone and lengthen. Many of the sequences require equipment, and the p.3 trainer enables you to complete almost any series imaginable. I’m packing it in my summer suitcase so I can squeeze in a quick series between the beach and dinner, no matter where in the world.
Kanjo Travel Acupressure Set: If you haven’t tried an acupressure mat, you might be forgiven for wondering why anyone would willingly lie down on a mat of spikes. And admittedly, the sensation can take some getting used to. But once you’ve gotten used to it, there’s nothing like it. Acupressure can help with everything from migraines to muscle tension, and Kanjo’s easy travel kit makes it easy to keep acupressure up on the road. I lie on a travel-size version of the mat after a long day of writing to help my shoulders melt down from my ears, draping the neck pillow atop it for good measure. Treat Kanjo Travel Acupressure Set
Treat Public Goods Cedar and Suede Scented Candle Public Goods Cedar and Suede Scented Candle: Even in the middle of summer, my true happy place is a library with a wood-burning fireplace on a crisp autumn day. My favorite way to replicate the feeling while traveling on particularly hot and humid summer afternoons is to repair to my hotel room, turn on the AC and light a Public Goods Cedar and Suede Scented Candle. After an hour in such a state of repose, preferably turning the pages of a good book, I’m ready to reemerge into summer, as grateful for the sun and warmth as I might be after too many months in the cold.
Wylde One Matcha Brain Buzz: As a devoted coffee drinker, I am not here to tell you to trade in your morning cup. But if you’re finding, as I am, that your second and third cups are starting to come with a host of unpleasant caffeine-related side effects you don’t love, please allow me to recommend matcha. The buzz you get from a good matcha latte is similar to one you might experience from coffee, but without the jitters or crash. I particularly love the packets Wylde One Matcha comes in, which make it a cinch to travel with. Treat Wylde One Matcha Brain Buzz
Treat Theragun mini The Theragun mini: Give me a trail, and I will hike it. Give me a Pilates class, and I will attend it. Give me the aforementioned P.volve trainer, and I will likely go overboard with it. As a person who loves moving her body, I am intimately familiar with the sore muscles that can sometimes accompany a good sweat session, or the way airplane travel can sometimes leave you feeling stiff no matter how much you move about throughout the flight. If it were at all practical, I would get a massage every day of my life. But until then, the Theragun mini is the next best thing. It’s like having a portable masseuse that travels with you everywhere you go.
Public Goods Euphoria Essential Oil Blend: Essential oils have the ability to help us calm down, focus and improve our sleep, and all of these are excellent uses. But my priority this summer is simple: embracing joy and enjoying each moment. To assist in my mission, I’m bringing along Public Goods’ Euphoria Essential Oil Blend. A dab or two on my pulse points before heading out on a boat ride or for an alfresco dinner under the stars, and I feel quite certain I’ll need no help calming down. Treat Public Goods Diffuser Oil

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