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shanan Kelley
By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

A little forward thinking makes traveling with little ones a breeze, and packing these thoughtfully selected wellness products in your carry-on might just be the difference between rough seas and smooth sailing. Each product has been carefully chosen by our team for its proven effectiveness, sustainable ingredients and clean formulations. These family-friendly products go the distance with small travelers — don’t leave home without them.

KidSafe Travel Bug Roll-On Set This trio of pre-diluted (making them safe and convenient for sensitive travelers) essential oil roll-ons are the easiest way to alleviate minor bouts of sleeplessness, relieve upset tummies and boost vulnerable immune systems. Each rollerball utilizes an all-natural blend of essential oils like lavender, chamomile and cinnamon in a base of coconut oil and glycerin, specially formulated for young users. Simply apply as directed for gentle, soothing relief from a variety of common travel-related ailments. KidSafe topicals are the first defense for minor wellness challenges among young travelers, so you can keep the good times rolling.

Genexa Homeopathic Remedies We love Genexa formulas for many reasons: they’re safe, effective and utilize vegan, non-GMO, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. The chewable tablet formulas are a cinch to travel with and kids love the mild, slightly sweet flavors. The Kids’ Allergy Care formula is non-drowsy, providing relief from itchy eyes and runny nose associated with hay fever and is a must-have when visiting new climates, particularly during seasonal shifts. For overwhelmed children, and those prone to tension and stress, pack a bottle of Kids’ Calm Keeper, which reduces fatigue and eases worried minds. For sleeplessness and cold and cough, choose Kids’ Sleepology and Kids’ Cold Crush. When symptoms include pain and fever, Genexa offers a 2-ounce bottle of Infants’ Pain & Fever oral suspension acetaminophen with the strength of Tylenol minus any artificial flavor or color additives. These formulations cover a variety of common afflictions that may present while away from home, making them must-have essentials for trips long or short.

Welly Human Repair Kit First Aid Travel Tin When traveling with young ones, it’s a good idea to keep the mantra “plan for the best, prepare for the worst” in mind. Welly Human Repair Kits ensure minor cuts and scrapes won’t stop the fun; each refillable kit comes with brightly colored bandages, hand sanitizer and a variety of first aid ointments to address the bumps and bruises that often accompany adventure. The compact tin stashes easily in carry-on bags (or in your glove compartment) and brings peace of mind to any journey.

Llama Naturals Kids Whole Fruit Gummies Perhaps a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down. But in the case of Llama Naturals, added sugar isn’t necessary. Llama Naturals slow-cooks its gummies using only organic and vegan ingredients, which maintains the real fruit taste without the need for added flavors or sweeteners. The result is one of the most delicious and effective immune-boosting gummy supplements on the market. Kids Whole Fruit Elderberry Immunity Gummies support immune health with a hefty dose of elderberry extract, zinc chelate, plant-sourced vitamin C and organic beta-glucans from reishi mushrooms. All ingredients have a long-standing history of working synergistically to boost immune function, in an allergen-free supplement so yummy it seems like a treat. For kiddos with sensitive tummies, we swear by Kids Whole Fruit Prebiotic & Probiotic Gummies. These mango-peach-flavored powerhouse chews are filled with research-backed probiotics to restore balance to upset and stressed tummies. Additionally — and what makes these gummies superior — they contain helpful organic prebiotic fiber to help good gut bacteria thrive. 

Kinfield Relief Balm Anti-Itch Remedy Few things are more uncomfortable than the itching associated with bug bites. This multipurpose hydrating vegan balm is formulated to address inflammation, itching and other minor skin irritations in the convenience of an easy-to-pack recyclable tube. Formulated with 10% colloidal oatmeal, turmeric, arnica, avocado oil, cajeput and eucalyptus extracts to provide instant relief, this organic Kinfield Relief Balm covers many skin-irritation bases. And the spicy-sweet aroma makes it a favorite with the whole family. Pack a plastic-free tube in every bag, because you’ll be reaching for this one again and again.


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