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By Andrea Drever

Content and Editorial Director

Paradise Lodge, Oregon
This aptly named lodge sits on an idyllic stretch of the lush Lower Rogue River Canyon, 52 miles from the Oregon coastline. It has 18 nature-inspired rooms within six unique cabins, each with a full private bathroom, deck access and pillow-topped beds for a gloriously restful night’s sleep. You can access the lodge either by foot (the shortest trail is a family-friendly 3.5 miles) or by rafting, kayaking or jet-boating downriver. Fine dining, local wines, craft beer and freshly roasted coffee await as rewards for your adventurous journey. The lodge is open from May through the beginning of November.
Treat Tip: For a $50 refundable deposit, you can bring your well-behaved pooch along for the adventure.  Wooden deck filled with picnic tables next to a river.
Paradise Lodge


Hike Inn, Georgia 
To reach the Hike Inn, nestled in the Chattahoochee National Forest just a few hours north of Atlanta, guests happily navigate a moderate, 5-mile path that’s one of the most popular mountain trails in North Georgia’s Blue Ridge. The two- to four-hour hike crosses small streams, traverses scenic ridges and ambles through stands of rhododendron and mountain laurel. The inn, which is open year round, is a sustainably designed Georgia State Park facility with 20 private guest rooms, hot showers and delicious, home-cooked meals. Thru-hikers tackling the Appalachian Trail often use the Hike Inn as a comfortable launchpad or rewarding end to their grueling journey.
Treat Tip: At sunrise, claim an Adirondack chair on the inn’s wraparound porch. At an altitude of 3,100 feet, this perfect perch offers spectacular views of the area’s lush rolling hills.  Adirondack chairs on wooden deck overlooking green hills.
Hike Inn

Charit Creek Lodge, Tennessee 
Okay, this lodge is only a (somewhat challenging) mile from the nearest parking lot, but that just gives you more time to explore the 150 miles of surrounding trails through the scenic gorges and sandstone bluffs of Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. And while the lodge is completely off the grid, the comfortable linens, oil-burning lanterns, wood-burning stoves and porch rocking chairs make the private cabins feel unexpectedly posh. Plus, the meals are worth writing home about, and feature homemade bread and desserts. The lodge formerly closed in winter but, starting in 2022, is now open year round.
Treat Tip: Beer and wine are available, but you’ll need cash if you want to imbibe.  

A man and woman riding horses next to a cabin in a lush, green setting.
Charit Creek Lodge

OPUS Hut, Colorado
Perched at 11,600 feet, the OPUS Hut is a lovely, hand-built lodge; its rustic wood interior, multiple decks and wood-burning fireplace add a cozy feel to this high-mountain hut. The European-style lodge in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains is a great option for people who want an off-the-grid experience but aren’t up for rigorous hikes — in the summer, you can drive within a quarter-mile of the hut. In the winter, roads close and it takes 3.5 miles to reach the lodge, but the setting is spectacular.
Treat Tip: Winter is a great time to visit because the San Juan Mountains have some of the best backcountry skiing in the country, with challenging passes like Lizard Head.

Wooden cabin in snowy setting at night, with lights shining through the windows.

Sperry Chalet, Montana
Built in 1913, the rustic-yet-refined Sperry Chalet is located in breathtaking Glacier National Park, a showcase of melting glaciers, alpine meadows, carved valleys and spectacular lakes. Nestled in Glacier backcountry, the chalet’s amenities include hot, home-cooked meals and private rooms with cozy bedding and blankets. It’s a strenuous 6.7-mile hike, almost all uphill. But you’ll realize the trek was well worth it when you reach the chalet, which is situated on an alpine ledge overlooking Lake McDonald and the Whitefish Range, and surrounded by craggy peaks, cascading waterfalls and alpine vistas.
Treat Tip: Bring your camera to capture the area’s athletic mountain goats that seem to enjoy posing for their picture. 

White mountain goat standing on a rock with pine trees in the background.
Sperry Chalet

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