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Staying in tip-top shape while traveling can be something of a challenge. And while getting those 10,000 steps in can often be easily incorporated to a day of sightseeing within a city, maintaining a fitness routine based on anything but walking can be particularly difficult when staying in a hotel for long stretches of time. Hotel gyms are not always inspiring, and I’ve been known to roll out a yoga mat in the crevice between my hotel bed and a wall more times than I care to remember.

But a new raft of fitness training programs at top hotels is aiming to solve this common conundrum. Hotels are now offering opportunities to stretch, lift, sweat and tone with a number of beloved fitness instructors, including some of the top trainers in the world. Staying in these hotels actually offers the potential to elevate your fitness routine, rather than putting a cramp in your style.

Photos by Dillon Burke and Nikolas Koenig

To get a taste of what it might be like to work out with a top trainer while traveling, I checked in to ModernHaus SoHo in downtown New York for a chance to train with celebrity trainer Niko Algieri. Algieri is the world’s top TRX trainer, and has worked with professional athletes, celebrities and royals. His credentials include co-founding the world-renowned Equilibrium Gym in London, and serving as a Director at the TRX Training Club. (TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, and uses your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.)

The partnership with ModernHaus, which the hotel is calling In Haus training, allows guests the opportunity to schedule private training sessions with Algieri seven days a week, 24 hours a day — ideal for those who might be coming in from abroad and looking to adjust to a new time zone with a late-night or very early morning workout. Algieri works with each guest to customize a fitness routine based on their current fitness levels and goals.

Photos by Nikolas Koenig

I checked into a room of the hotel’s 14th floor the afternoon of my staycation, and was greeted with sweeping floor-to-ceiling views of SoHo and the city beyond. The clean minimalist decor was the perfect complement to the view, and I spent that night propped up in the hotel’s fluffy bed, eating takeout sushi, watching a movie and mentally preparing for the morning’s session with Niko.

Any nervousness I might have felt turned out to be completely unnecessary. I met Niko the next morning in the hotel’s gym, where he walked me through a series of TRX exercises. For someone who is devoted to her weekly Pilates classes, I felt like I was getting a great workout — and using my muscles in new ways that definitely left a burn the following morning — but didn’t at all feel in over my head.

Photos by Nikolas Koenig

Heading back to my room afterwards, using the room’s enormous bathtub felt truly earned; even more so was dinner on the terrace later that night at the hotel’s restaurant, Veranda. Training as a part of my stay in the hotel made the entire experience of traveling feel far more balanced, with the enjoyable and luxurious portions of it feeling all the sweeter for the fact that I’d earned them.

And ModernHaus isn’t the only place offering in-house fitness offerings. The trainers at the Beverly Hilton’s Upgrade Labs use technology to help their guests “hack” their workouts, enabling them to work smarter rather than harder, while those looking for more low-key options can find rooftop yoga at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn. So, no matter where you’re headed, it’s worth checking what options your hotel has, and leave your vacation feeling even better than when you arrived, as I did stepping out onto the New York City streets after two days away. 

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