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Shanan Kelley
By Shanan Kelley

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The human body is designed to naturally detoxify toxic buildup through a complex and efficient set of processes. Supporting these processes by incorporating simple detox practices can have a profound impact on how we feel day to day – particularly after a bout of stress, illness, injury, or a long winter.


Three lemons on a table

Hydrating morning lemonade

Enjoy this alkalizing tonic first thing in the morning to increase digestive fire and get the bowels moving. Add 2 tsp each of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to room temperature filtered water and drink first thing in the morning. Wait 20-40 minutes before consuming other beverages and food for best results.

Dry brush

Using a natural bristle brush on dry skin prior to showering is a sure-fire way to move lymphatic fluid and stagnant energy. If the dry bristles feel a bit strong on sensitive skin, simply use less pressure. Start at the feet, using long sweeping strokes in the direction of the heart daily before showering to exfoliate and stimulate.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to stimulate the body’s ability to detoxify itself. Try inhaling for a count of 5, then open the mouth and exhale slowly until the lungs are completely empty. Pause briefly, then inhale again and repeat the process several times. Deep breathing throughout the day will not only detoxify the lungs, oxygenate the blood, and promote lymphatic drainage, it will promote deeper rest.

Eat your greens

Leafy green vegetables are an excellent and easy way to support your body’s natural ability to detoxify by supporting the liver and digestive system. Add spinach, kale, moringa leaf, celery, alfalfa, dandelion, and parsley to as many meals, juices, and smoothies as possible. Leafy greens are naturally mineralizing, energizing, and help boost elimination.

Prioritize sleep

Our body has a natural and very effective set of processes that ensure proper detoxification, but in order for these processes to occur, the body has to get adequate and quality sleep. When poor sleep habits become chronic, the body has less time to complete these critical functions and toxins can accumulate over time. Aim for 7-9 hours of good quality sleep each night for optimal health.

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