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By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

Reiki, simply put, is a technique often used for relaxation and stress reduction that promotes emotional, energetic and physical healing. But how does it work and who is it for? Anna Hall, Reiki practitioner and founder of 123 Woo in Bend, OR, describes it as “the most delicious loving energy from the universe,” and insists it is for everyone. In fact, Hall doesn’t even require her clients to believe that it works, she simply requests they arrive for their session with an open heart and open mind.

During an in-person session, the participant will be welcomed into the treatment space and encouraged to ground themselves with light breath work and other relaxation techniques. There may be some discussion between the therapist and the participant prior to beginning the session, but Hall points out that it isn’t necessary. In fact, this is the beauty of Reiki: that it is non-invasive. Hall highlights that Reiki healing does not require an excessive amount of talking or dredging up past experiences to be effective. Once the client is settled, the practitioner will use their hands to channel Reiki energy into specific places in the client’s energy field. It is a simple, accessible and highly effective practice.

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It’s important to find a practitioner with whom you feel comfortable and safe. There is no governing body or licensing board for Reiki practitioners, so it’s not a bad idea to get a personal referral from someone you trust when seeking out a Reiki therapist. Sessions can be done in person or remotely. During distance sessions, it is common to speak on the phone with the practitioner prior to the session. Hall recommends a “grace period” immediately following all Reiki sessions to allow the participant some time to integrate their experience. Journaling, drawing, talking and resting are all great ways to allow the energy to land.

As for what sorts of ailments or conditions Reiki can support, Hall says this is what she loves most about the practice: that there is a broadness to it and that the possibilities of what it can assist are truly limitless. It is particularly supportive to those who are working through emotional or spiritual challenges. In Hall’s words, “It can put a balm over our past experiences so we can see them for what they are and integrate them into the tapestry of our lives without the harshness or judgment that so often accompanies them.” It is also a wonderful tool for supporting those in the grieving process and incredibly beneficial for those suffering from anxiety.

To book an in-person or remote Reiki session at 123 Woo, click here.

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