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By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

After nearly two years of living in a state of limbo, many are feeling a bit … stuck. The good news is it doesn’t take much to get back into the flow again. Push past your comfort zone and try something new, then revel in the rebound of renewed energy.

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  1. Take an Art Class
    There is nothing more effective at stimulating creative flow than to dabble in art. A watercolor or pottery class is just the thing for stagnant habits.

  2. Change Your Hair
    Cut it short! Get extensions! Shave one half of your head! Making a change to your hair is an accessible and low-risk way to mix things up with a surprisingly big payoff.

  3. Pick Up a New Sport
    You’d be amazed at how fun it is to join a recreational soccer, hockey or volleyball team. Plus, you’ll gain a boost in health and self-confidence, and make some new friends.
  4. Change Jobs
    A new job could mean a big change, but it could also simply mean a new position within the company where you currently work. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

  5. Grow Your Family
    It’s always a good time to bring more love into your home. Not ready for a baby? Adopting a new kitty or puppy also brings a whole new outlook on life.

  6. Go on an Adventure
    Book that trip to New Zealand you’ve been dreaming of, ascend that snowy mountain peak, rent a motorcycle and hit the road. Life is better with a little excitement.

  7. Try Writing
    You don’t have to write the next great American novel to gain the benefits of a regular writing practice. Journal for five minutes a day and watch your life transform.

  8. Freshen Up Your Living Space
    Whether Marie Kondo speaks to you or not, decluttering your home brings a huge energetic shift. Incorporate principles of feng shui to rejuvenate your rooms.

  9. Forgive
    There is no better way to lighten your energetic load than to forgive a longstanding grudge. They say forgiveness is a gift you give yourself for a reason.

  10. Meditate
    The truth about meditation is style doesn’t matter. Register for a meditation retreat, check out Tracee Stanley’s book on yoga nidra or try moving meditation.

  11. Splurge on a Wish List Item
    If you’ve been eyeing a cashmere sweater for three years without pulling the trigger, now’s the time. When you can’t stop thinking about it, that means it’s meant for you.

  12. Make an Investment
    This might look like a straightforward purchase of some winning stock, but it could also be an investment in community, art, jewelry or travel. Invest in what matters to you.

  13. Go on a Blind Date
    It doesn’t have to be romantic to count. Get set up on a friend date and see if you make a connection. Relationship building is always a good move.

  14. Learn To Cook a New Cuisine
    Tired of hearing about all the plant-based fun your vegan friends are having? Take a cooking class and find out if the hype is real. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

  15. Take Up a Hobby
    Whether it’s needlepoint, paint-by-number, puzzling, songwriting, candle-making, pickling or tarot — what matters is that you like spending your time doing it.

  16. Listen to New-to-You Music
    Yes, a music rut is a thing. Try an entirely new genre of music and see what you’ve been missing; a little French pop never hurt anybody.

  17. Take a Comedy Class
    Comedy classes are less about hitting an open mic and more about learning valuable communication skills. Try this online class for adults and find your funny.

  18. Get Above It
    Whether hot air balloon, helicopter, hang glider or skydive, a change in altitude will immediately shift your perspective. Get high on life.

  19. Learn To Dance
    Moving your body in a new way can completely change the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. Let loose with some salsa, ballet, tap or hip hop.

  20. Try Bodywork
    If self-care has been on your list for a while, it’s time to book a session. Deep tissue, hot stone or Thai massage all promote healing and well-being.

  21. Say "No"
    If you’re the go-to in your friend group whenever anyone needs anything, it might be time to set some boundaries. Say “yes” to you and open to unlimited possibilities.

  22. Make It Fashion
    It’s never too late to switch up your look. After two years of WFH sweats, go glam. Let what you wear be an expression of how you feel and let it be fabulous.

  23. Sign Up
    Commit to a triathlon, volunteer on a farm, take charge of your neighborhood association. Get yourself out there in a new way and enjoy it.

  24. Make a Self-Portrait
    Draw, photograph, paint or collage your version of a self-portrait. A unique and creative capture of this moment in time is a special gift you will treasure for years to come.

  25. Try Sobriety
    Dry July, Sober October; give up your substance of choice for 30 days and see what happens. Pressing pause on alcohol offers many immediate health benefits.
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