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By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

Organic meal delivery services boast healthy, easy-to-prepare, well-sourced, nutrient-rich meals that make eating healthfully a cinch. The number of choices in this emerging market offers consumers the option to choose meal frequency, customize dietary restrictions and, in some cases, specify caloric needs. But are they worth it? The short answer is yes. Organic meal delivery services provide busy individuals and families an easy solution to getting daily nutrition needs met. 

How They Work
Most organic meal delivery services are on a subscription model. Customers create a log in, sign up for the plan that suits them, and meals are delivered on a predetermined schedule. Meals arrive fresh or frozen, ready-to-eat or in an easy-to-execute “kit” that typically takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. Today’s customers can even specify allergies, diet preference, caloric intake, and purchase snacks for in-between mealtimes. Pricing depends on the type of menu chosen, and most meal delivery subscriptions offer new customers a “welcome” discount. With many options to choose from, you may have to try a few before finding the one that best meets your needs.

Most Convenient
If you’re looking for nutritious meals that are ready with minimal effort, check out Daily Harvest. Daily Harvest originally started as a smoothie delivery service but has quickly evolved its menu to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, lattes and even plant-based ice creams. Their mostly organic ingredients are frozen at harvest to ensure maximum nutrient levels, and the company takes pride in sharing their behind-the-scenes process with their customers. Daily Harvest’s goal is to make it easier for people to eat more vegetables and fruits, and their menu accomplishes this well. This meal plan is ideal for folks who want their delivered meals to require minimal prep — most meals in this plan simply need to be warmed or blended — and a flexible delivery schedule. Don’t forget to add a pint of their deliciously satisfying Vanilla + Sticky, Sweet Salted Caramel Scoops. This nutritionally dense coconut-based ice cream is packed with Murasaki sweet potato and reishi mushroom, taking dessert up several notches.

Family Style
Those who have more than one mouth to feed should check out Green Chef. The first meal delivery service to be certified USDA Organic, Green Chef offers paleo and keto menu options. While there is some preparation involved, all meals are designed to be on the table in under 30 minutes. The enclosed recipe cards are color-coded and all ingredients are prepped thoroughly, so putting recipes together is fail-proof. This plan is ideal for families as they offer the option to customize orders based on the number of servings and are priced affordably, with the average meal costing $10 per plate. All recipes are developed by a professional chef and are creative, delicious and satisfy a variety of dietary needs. They also offer plant-based and Balanced Living options to accommodate those looking to adhere to specific nutritional guidelines. Meat eaters must try the buttermilk brined chicken — every bite is mouthwatering.

Lifestyle Support
People looking to transition into a plant-based lifestyle will find the full meal deal at Sakara. Sakara offers delicious and thoughtfully prepared meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with hopes of bringing more people to the plant-based life. Their meal programs are flexible, offering customers two-, three- and five-day plans, as well as the option to choose the number of meals delivered per day. Each week’s meals come complete with functional supplements and Sakara’s signature Detox Tea. The company also offers the option of their signature Level II Detox Cleanse Program for those needing a digestive reset. Sakara’s goal is for customers to get a whopping two to six cups of greens on their plates each day and claim that eating sufficient green veggies is where the transformation occurs. Meals are beautiful, delicious and require only to be placed on a plate and enjoyed with mindful awareness. Subscribers can take advantage of Sakara’s rewards program and also receive occasional “surprise treats” from time to time. 

Are They Worth It?
So, are organic meal delivery programs worth it? The amount of time and effort saved, combined with the uptake in nutrient consumption, make these programs a yes in our book. While there are some drawbacks—namely, the packaging the meals arrive in—all of the companies on our list are making great efforts to utilize sustainable, reusable and recyclable packaging. Bottom line, organic meal delivery programs make getting balanced, healthy meals on the table each day a breeze. 

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