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By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

Gone are the days of dreading the hours wasted between flights in airports. With the upcoming opening of Treat Wellness Centers in the country’s most visited air travel hubs, your next layover will be a breeze. Here’s a snapshot of how you can spend the time.

With Treat’s first physical location opening December 2021 in the newly refurbished Terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy International Airport, you’re in for something special the next time you’re waiting to board a flight. First step, download the Treat app and sign up for the appropriate membership. Next, set up your first appointment. If you’re feeling under the weather, low on energy or simply need to get in a workout, Treat’s newest offerings have you covered from head to toe.

For those needing a wellness boost, book an IV drip for hydration and immunity support. An add-on B12 booster shot delivers increased energy and cognitive function; perfect for work-related travel and those times when you need to be “on.” Health services also include administration of flu shots, anxiety care and support for GI system distress. You even have the option of filling an “emergency prescription,” which will refill your essential medications with enough doses to get you through a couple days of travel.

If stress relief is what you need, check out the meditation, yoga and fitness options. All sessions are offered in well-appointed Wellness Rooms, ensuring safety and privacy. Relax and stretch the body with all-levels yoga, break a sweat with a HIT class or simply quiet the mind with guided meditation. Treat offers guests the use of the fully stocked shower room so you can freshen up for the next leg of your journey. Meditation and physical movement are the best ways to knock out those pre-travel worries.

As an added convenience, Treat offers Rapid PCR tests. If you didn’t have time to test prior to leaving home or you believe you may have been exposed while traveling, ask for a COVID-19 test during your service. Before you check out, don’t forget to browse the thoughtfully curated selection of travel-supportive retail items and pick up a Treat-branded pocket-sized spray of Noshinku Bergamot Hand Sanitizer, some evolve together masks and a NTRL by Sabs Coco Lav Lotion Bar. And be well on your way.

Noshinku Hand Sanitizer

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