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By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

Preparation is the best offense when traveling with little ones. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of must-have items when hitting the road with kids and babies. Don’t leave home without them.

  1. Music
    While it’s generally agreed that the driver should pick the tunes, all bets are off with little ones in the back seat. Strike a family-wide compromise with Baby Loves Hip Hop Presents the Dino-5 or Goodnight Moon Child from Beautiful Chorus.

  2. Snacks
    Travel snacks make all the difference when on the road with little ones. Take a variety of your children’s favorites in these non-toxic, machine-washable, colorful and zippered pouches from Green Sprouts and avoid hangry toddlers.

  3. First Aid Kit
    Of course you can put together your own first aid kit, but why not choose a colorful, stackable tin from Welly instead? Choose from a variety of refillable and activity-focused kits ranging from “Superhero Supplies” to “Bravery Balm.”

  4. Mess-Free Art Supplies
    For hours of travel-friendly creativity, choose Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free kits. These kits are packed with all the supplies needed to keep young hands and minds occupied — without the risk of getting actual ink on car seats.

  5. Games/Fidget Devices
    Don’t underestimate the power of a simple fidget spinner, bubble pop fidget toy or a good old-fashioned Rubik’s Junior to keep anxious or bored kiddos occupied. Affordable handheld devices are available for kids of all ages in a variety of styles.
  1. Wet/Dry Bags
    Accidents, spills, wet bathing suits and the like can be stashed without worry in these wet/dry bags from Bumkins. Machine washable, made without toxic materials and available in a variety of patterns for on the go.

  2. Bedtime Support
    While on the road, finding ways to bring the feeling of home to bedtime can be a game changer. Be sure to pack your child’s favorite bedtime books and Hatch’s Rest Smart Sound Machine to help encourage consistent bedtimes.

  3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
    Air and road travel with kiddos means one thing: more screen time. Protect your little one’s eyes from UVB light emitted from screens with Gabriel + Simone Lee Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses sized down for small faces.

  4. Sun-Protective Hat/Clothing
    Skip the slather by choosing UPF 50+ sun-protective swimwear for kids and toddlers. We choose hats, swimsuits and this Rashguard One-Piece from Monica + Andy for its durability and stretch; plus, it’s a snap to clean.

  5. DockATot
    These functional and fashionable eco-friendly beds for babies and kiddos up to 36 months are perfect for travel. The Cabana Kit and Getaway Tote accessories offer privacy, protection and convenience in one.

  6. Kid-Sized Face Masks
    We love the kid-sized face masks from evolvetogether, which come in medical and KN95 styles and a variety of colors. They offer superior protection, breathability, and even come with a sheet of non-toxic stickers to personalize.
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