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By Shanan Kelley

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In the days of Instagram and TikTok, comedians seem to be working overtime, creating new content at mind-blowing speed. But not all content is created equally. These five creators leave the rest in the dust with their unique takes on everything from celebrity impressions to indigeneity to gender issues. Dive in.

  1. Pinky Patel

If you haven’t heard Pinky Patel say, “Hello my priends,” you are seriously missing out. Pinky popped onto the TikTok scene in October of 2020 and almost overnight gained her first million followers after posting her signature “Pinkysplaining” videos. A little over a year later, she is up to 4.5 million followers and launching live performances in Chicago, New York and Nashville. Check her out on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

  1. Dallas Goldtooth

Indigenous comedian, writer and organizer, Dallas Goldtooth is not only hysterical, his content is also consistently meaningful, educational and purpose-driven. Well-known for his role in Reservation Dogs, as well as Drunk History and Democracy Now!, he is also the founder of comedy group The 1491s. Find his unique brand of comedy activism on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

  1. Lisa Gilroy

Two-time Canadian Comedy Award-winning improv and sketch comedian, and an alumna of The Second City in Toronto and Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, Lisa Gilroy is an accomplished comedian, writer and actor. But we can’t get enough of her impeccable impersonations of Ellen, the conversations she has with her period and the things she wishes her therapist would say. Find it all on Instagram and TikTok.

  1. Danielle Perez

She gained viral fame as the woman in the wheelchair with no feet who won a treadmill on The Price Is Right, and her priceless reaction won her a guest spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But it’s her bubbly stage presence and dark wit that earned her spot on this list. Danielle is also a disability rights activist, making waves with 5050by2020. Catch her podcast Wow Rude, and find her on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

  1. Chelsea Hart

If you think comedians can’t also be classically trained opera singers, meet Chelsea Hart. Hart seamlessly integrates their vocal training into sketches skewering toxic masculinity, current events and gender. Not just a performer, Chelsea consciously raises awareness for a variety of issues including period poverty and Yemen famine relief. Find a robust selection of their work on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.


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