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By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

Though intravenous drip therapy isn’t technically new, it is making waves as a cure-all therapy popular with everyone from celebrity influencers to nurses and wellness professionals. Just as the name suggests, the treatment involves hooking up to an intravenous drip that sends fluids, vitamins and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream for an immediate and noticeable effect. Treatments typically take 45 minutes to an hour to complete, and there is no downtime following the service. Most people report increased energy and decreased pain and discomfort in the body immediately, with more long-term benefits accumulating over time and with continued consistent sessions.

For everyday wellness, IV drips can increase hydration levels, help with hangover symptoms and boost immunity. But they can also be used in a more targeted way to support energy levels and metabolism, stimulate the liver, and as an adjunct treatment for chronic conditions. Nutrients like vitamins C and B12, the antioxidant glutathione and amino acids are commonly included. IV therapy is safe and effective for most generally healthy individuals. As always, consult your primary care physician before starting a new therapy. It is important that the nurse or practitioner is certified and that a medical professional is on hand to monitor you during the service. Be sure to arrive on time for your appointment to discuss your wellness goals prior to your session.

IV drip therapy seems to be popping up in cities large and small across the country at a rapid rate. Wellness centers, spas and medical clinics are adding IV therapy to their list of services, making it far more accessible than ever before. Another increasingly popular way to receive IV therapy is via a mobile practice, where the technician travels to your residence or place of business with a fully equipped setup ready to administer the IV therapy of your choice in the comfort of your own home. And coming soon to an airport near you, all Treat Wellness Centers will offer IV drips for immune boosting and hydration, ensuring you are well on your way to your next destination. Download the Treat app to book your next appointment.

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