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By Kara Ladd


We’ve all been there — it’s 11pm and you have an 8am flight the next morning. Your bedroom turns into a clothes volcano as you frantically fling the majority of your closet around your bedroom. You overstuff your subpar suitcase, praying the zipper doesn’t break, and haphazardly pull an airport outfit together. Your reusable water bottle is left on the kitchen counter next to your tangled iPhone 8 headphones. When will they update the headphone jacks on the plane? 

Feeling, let alone looking, put-together at the airport is a true talent. The secret? Intention.

There are the obvious steps to achieve a more intentional packing experience: plan ahead of time, pack in steps, check the weather, etc. Alas, we’re going to fly outside the conventional path and lean into conscious, out-of-the-box tips, products and routines. Here is how to pack with more intention so you can stress less and travel freely more. 

Write a “Grateful To Pack” List
Sometimes packing can feel like a burden. Similar to how gratitude journaling infuses positivity and thanks into your day, a “Grateful To Pack” list is intended to do the same. It may seem rudimentary, however, you’d be surprised how this subtle reframe turns chores into optimistic opportunities. Instead of, “I have to pack for my trip to Ibiza,” try “I’m grateful to pack for my trip to Ibiza.” Release the pressure of packing and embrace radical gratitude. 

Set an Intention
Travel intentions are a great way to tune in to your desires. While goals are all about “doing,” intentions are all about “being.” 

Ask yourself: Why am I going on this journey? For personal self-discovery? Professional development? To see family? For social care? Whatever it is, let this guide you. 

From there, create an overarching intention. Start your intention with “I intend to …” Maybe it’s presence (I intend to be more present on this trip), or relaxation (I intend to allow myself to relax on this trip).

Now break your intention down into actionable steps to embody your intention. Perhaps it’s no phone in the morning, in bed or at meals. 

Remember, though, there’s no need to be super rigid with your intention-setting while traveling. Wandering the world is meant to expand your perspective, not silo it. So, most importantly, find the joy in this practice.

Swoop a Sustainable Suitcase
If you enjoy exploring the world, continue to protect and take care of it! Invest in quality sustainable gear — not only made out of recycled materials, but those that you will love for the long haul and will last!

Check out Paravel, eco-conscious luggage made with mindful materials including circular cotton, recycled vegan leather and polycarbonate. It also has an impressive stack of certifications including carbon-neutral shipping, OEKO-TEX, traceable supply chain and cleaner leather from the Leather Working Group. If you can’t seem to conquer Marie Kondo’s folding method, opt for its sleek packing cubes, made from 16 upcycled plastic water bottles with an option to monogram.

Not to mention, all of Paravel’s goods are oh-so chic, guaranteed to have you looking just as intentional as you feel strolling through the airport in sustainable style.  

Invest in Eco-Essentials
Stock your eco-airport-essentials in a stored travel case so you can easily pack it when you’re in a rush — a great tactic to tackle tech chargers as well! Reusable cups like Stojo and straws like Soma are a must as well as LARQ, the world's first self-cleaning water bottle.

As for travel size, opt for cadence’s capsules, the first magnetic and refillable containers

made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. The small cubes store your keepsakes in a safe and sustainable fashion. Pack anything from beauty to jewelry in jars that magnetize together, making for a convenient and intentional travel companion. 

Download Mindful Music and Meditations Prior
Though this tip isn’t exactly “packing,” it is an intentional step to create a more joyful travel experience.

A few days before your departure, block out 20 minutes to download any entertainment. Spotify’s Top 50 in the destination where you are traveling to is a fun way to connect with your destination’s cultural music scene.

If you’re an anxious flier, download a few meditations for a dose of in-flight serenity — Headspace for the grounded, Insight Timer for the soulful. 

Don’t Write Off Wellness — It’s Worth the Hype
It’s no lie that traversing the globe can do a number on the body. Flying on an airplane dehydrates and bloats the body, increases stress and drains energy. 

Here are several of our go-to health and wellness products to intentionally pack and keep your mind, body and soul in balance while up in the air.

Slow Down
We can rattle off several more tips for you to harness more intention and order as you traverse the globe, however, it all comes down to this — slowing down.

Slowing down while packing helps you be more present and find excitement in the overall experience. This process doesn’t always have to be another stressful, rushed tick off your to-do list. 

Embracing slowness in every part of your travel journey, packing and beyond, is a foolproof way to embody intention with ease. 

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